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  • images/stories/democontent/stockimages/print/globalforest-1.jpg

    A labour of love for a non-profit research institute actively involved in conservation of earths dwindling forest resources. One of the only institutes in existance that are investigating living forests for their mystery instead of profit. With hand made die cuts and photographs from the scientists themselves, we told a story personal and engaging.

    This brochure needed to generate the interest of modern day angels. A visual story that never stops speaking.

    [ Winner of the Silver International Craftsmanship award ]

  • images/stories/democontent/stockimages/de.jpg
    Visit the Website Bringing dj's from all over the world to your ears. De Radio is community with electronic music at it's core.
  • images/stories/democontent/stockimages/print/cycleCityTours-flyer.jpg
    Cycle City Tours a local passionate cycle tour guiding company needed to have promotional material to pass around Vancouver.
  • images/stories/democontent/stockimages/scotty.jpg
    Visit the Website Scotty Mac a local Vancouver cinematographer that wanted a subtle and powerful website together to showcase his talents. Within this site you will see the collaborative process lends itself to great opportunities. Let him know what you think about his new website.
  • images/stories/democontent/stockimages/salonBellezza.jpg
    Visit the Website No matter who you are, a great haircut can go a really long way to promoting your personal image. Visit Salon Bellezza to see what they can do for you!
  • images/stories/democontent/stockimages/print/TeeTimes.jpg
    Clients wanted to climb right into a life size backdrop during the convention as well as record sales. That's what we call success!
  • images/stories/democontent/stockimages/choppingblock.jpg
    This hair salon was a challenge on how to make the most economical use of space, while integrating a larger than life and highly characterized brand and interior design. The final product is a real pleasure to experience.
  • images/stories/democontent/stockimages/good4u.jpg
    Visit the Website Lori has a passion for nutritious food and sustainable living. Good for You, Good for Our Earth was created to provide viewers with accurate information about foods affect on our health and the environment. They will help you discover why certain foods are not only good for you, but also, good for the earth!
  • images/stories/democontent/stockimages/print/poster-adham.jpg
    Posters and Flyers for their show.
  • images/stories/democontent/stockimages/martopian.jpg
    Visit the Website The Sunshine Coast is ripe with talent. Silversmithing features big this week with the Martopian Collective. Feast on these gorgeous pieces!
  • images/stories/democontent/stockimages/print/celebrating50years.jpg
    I hope that my relationship lasts that long!
  • images/stories/democontent/stockimages/llhf.jpg
    Visit the Website The Laura Louie Hope Projects (LLHP) programs concentrate on improving the quality of life (QoL) of underprivileged people. They are a small but dynamic Canadian non-profit organization created to provide cost-effective healthcare and educational programs for adults and children in developing countries.
  • images/stories/democontent/stockimages/print/marrakech-1.jpg
    The restaurant needed to take it's image to the next level. After all, a meal fit for a prince, should look like it too!
  • images/stories/democontent/stockimages/djKoriK.jpg
    Visit the Website Our own local musical artist KJ Kori K, is putting on shows in Vancouver and Whistler this year. Visit his website to see when he is next playing.
  • images/stories/democontent/stockimages/print/CareersToday.jpg
    TradeShow Stand With larger than life imagery (7 feet tall), this dynamic duo tackles it's target market.
  • images/stories/democontent/stockimages/print/anamnesis_front.jpg
    Duncan wanted to demonstrate just how much fun it is to work with him. Punchy colours and incorporation of shapes lifted from his artwork brought everyone down to the gallery.
  • images/stories/democontent/stockimages/cyclevancouver.jpg
    Visit the Website Cycle City Tours was founded from a personal passion for cycling and exploring the sights, meeting the people, and learning the history of Vancouver. We are crazy about cycling in Vancouver, in fact we like it so much, we decided to do it for a living! “We are a small tour company and focus on small groups and individuals. Riding a bike is the best way to see the city. We travel at a relaxed pace to take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the city, but cover a lot of ground to really experience the variety and diversity that exists in the city. Most of all, we
  • images/stories/democontent/stockimages/print/vanfashion.jpg
    From Business Cards to Evening Programs to Live Visual Effects, we did it all. So many cameras, so many lights, so many beautiful people!!