A home that reflects your individuality and makes a statement about who you are is an inspiring place to be. It starts with selecting furnishings and accessories that are also stunning works of art. Mint Interiors is the place to shop!

No matter who you are, a great haircut can go a really long way to promoting your personal image. Visit Salon Bellezza to see what they can do for you!

Our own local musical artist KJ Kori K, is putting on shows in Vancouver and Whistler this year. Visit his website to see when he is next playing.

The Sunshine Coast is ripe with talent. Silversmithing features big this week with the Martopian Collective. Feast on these gorgeous pieces!

Getting out of single-occupancy vehicles and into biking, walking, rolling and transit is a key way to ensure Metro Vancouver's sustainability. Visit Mobility Matters to find out more!

A good friend of mine Calliope referred Azimuth to update a website, which turned into a delightful new flash and graffiti compilation to commemorate their 20 year anniversary. Visit HeronConst.com to view.

Want to know where many of Canada's Olympic Diving team trains? Here at Plongeon.qc.ca. An incredibly flexible implimentation of Drupal, to accomodate many different types of input formats.

NomadicOasis.com is my brother's portfolio and the Edge website. Feeling dull? Check it out! A fusion of my brother's and my illustrations.

To celebrate their 50th year anniversary, KMBR.com decided to freshen up their communications campaign with a new front end for their website.

When you want to go out, i recommend the DollHouse Studios. When you want to go where people know how to have a good time? Same location!

Do you like diving? I love diving! Mark a good friend of mine got me involved with the Montreal CAMO Diving Club. Check out where the best in Canada go to train! (Please note that this website is now managed internally)

Since 1985, MCN has been a premier provider of medical judgment services addressing injury and disability claims for thousands of clients. This year is the big year for them moving forward with technical improvements and design of excellent caliber!

My good friend Babs has launched her new clothing line in both a killer location (Granville and 8th) and an Ecommerce website, Babs.ca, that both myself and Timothy worked on with Dee being the supportive superstar getting us everything we needed and working overtime to make it happen.

The Seattle Seahawks launched their new site that includes my flash component for XML navigation and CMS integration for pulling mast images from a database.

CypressConsulting.net has launched their new site and boy doesn't that flash look good! Of course it does. This is what happens when you have a tight team come together to work on their own identity.

Everything is for sale! Come on down and visit SweetSoul.biz
Where you can find things to put on or take off!

It has been my great pleasure to build this Flash Portfolio for James. He has seen the vision and gone towards the light. His personal collection of art and style shows through in this seasons photos. Please visit JamesMongrain.com !

A wonderful friend of mine, Raquel, is travelling and wanted to leave something for her friends to remember her with and present her body of work. I hope that Jordao.ca does just that. Namaste on your journey!

Scotty Mac a local Vancouver cinematographer has just left for Asia with lots of ideas in his head. But, before he left, we put this subtle and powerful website together to showcase his talents. Let him know what you think about his new website.

Revamp hits the local trade shows with fresh Banners, Pamphlets and Cards. Images will be available soon as to these materials.

The new RaffiNews.com website is launched. Crafted to exact client specifications, this site is fully Content Managed by in and out of house staff.

Azimuth has joined forces with Cypress Consulting and Fromson Consulting to take on the world. With their expertise, connections, sheer brawn and my brains, we will accomplished deep and meaningful projects.

Busby Perkins + Will, a wonderful local architectural firm to work with, requested that Azimuth bring their existing website up to the current brand. The final product has been handed off for Content Management and integration with the larger application scheme and back end developed for the parent company.

SimonChu has updated his HTML website to a slick FLASH interface to better showcase his portfolio.

Babalong needed a sign for the outside of the studio for their fashion show. Here is the wordmark that sets the tone for burlesque in Vancouver.

Revamp gets new Business Cards, Flash Advertising and Gallery for their appearance on City TV today.

This month, there are many new developments in the Moon Bahamas Team. The World's best are coming together to make a new creation in the likeness of the Moon.

The inspiration for our newest launch comes from imagery of the building that Quorum Law is located in. A strong corporate website and internal Microsoft Office templates were developed for Quorum Law.

PCMG required a nice tight logo for refreshing of their identity. This project is a dual effort, Nathan Fenwick working on the logo and Fromson Consulting developing the website.

Working with Duncan of 3DMC to create eye popping signage with a strong logo for the Chopping Block hair salon that has just opened up on 8th Avenue in the shadow of the Lee Building.

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